Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Simple Luxury

White and grey palettes in interiors (especially French ones!) are classic, they can work with any style and any taste. They are refreshingly versatile, restful and help harmonize living space. To make an interior stand out you need to pay extra attention to details – such as lamps and mirrors. Accessories of different shades of the single colour bring interior to the next level.
White is all about comfort, it’s a neutral stage for all you ideas! If you are hoping for the warmer feel – go for the creamier whites and distressed finishes or for pure whites for a more modern and complex effect.
Grey is the best way to add sophistication. It’s up to you to choose the right shade of grey – you can pick warm greys (yellow based) or cool greys (blue based), the main purpose is to bring harmony to all other details in the rooms.

On the picture: white chaise lounge (another perfect spot to stretch out with a book!), carved mirrors and grey lamps (lighting is always key in keeping the space cosy) – recipe for inspiration, for luxury in your home.


  1. I totally agree. White/Grey palettes are a wonderful base, serene and calming. These tones then allow you to be creative with furniture and accessories, ornate, French style pieces can really stand out against whites/greys and lift the scheme as you don't want a room feeling dull. Its allows the furniture detailing to really shine and is ideal to create a main focal point as the wall colour won't distract you. End result is a warm and welcoming room, yet stylish and chic.

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